Characteristics of SFZ Type Waste Plastic Granulator

1. Based on the shape, dirtiness and moisture content of the user's differentraw material, as well as the user's demand for the output and plasticization capacity of the recycling machine, our special design/configuration of the bimetallic barrel and screw system, the filter system, the exhaust system and the pelletizing system..., make our company's various special pelletizers have greater production capacity, lower energy consumption and a longer service life. These unique and highly targeted extruders export to African and American markets and widely praised by domestic and foreign industry insiders for many years for these excellent specific flow rate and specific power value, and enjoy a high reputation; 

2. Under the premise of design guarantee, our company adopts the bimetallic barrel screw which is developed by our company in the mainland and is generally accepted by the market, and is protected by a highly-recognized wear-resistant alloy layer. Because the bimetallic barrel screw adopts different alloy layers with excellent matching wear performance as the working surface of the barrel screw, the regenerative granulator can effectively protect the regenerative granulator under the load of increasing the screw speed and increasing the output. The heart part of the extruder creates conditions for extending the service life of the extruder. 

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