Single-stage EX-150 Spiral Ceramic Extruder

A. Features EX-150 Spiral Ceramic Extruder

Six years ago, we introduced and optimized the improved German spiral ceramic film extruder technology to meet the urgent needs of Chinese water treatment industry users. In addition to using more cost-effective manufacturing parts, the fully domestic extruder optimizes the replacement structure design of the breakable parts module to facilitate the daily maintenance of the extruder, optimizes the design of the vacuum exhaust structure of the extruder and eliminates the defects of the agglomeration and drying of the materials which affect the product quality.

Our company pursues the extruder design on the basis of high cost-performance and lower energy consumption. At the same time, we insist on the pursuit of high stability and reliability of the extruder operation process, the intuitiveness and convenience of extruder control, the convenience of daily maintenance. For this purpose, we have adopted supporting designs such as energy-saving frequency conversion control of the motor, PLC control system, and modular core components. We give full play to our company's first brand advantage in the service life of the heart parts of extruders in China, the barrel and screw of extruder core parts are made of special 1.4112 martensitic stainless steel, which has achieved ideal performance of high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, achieves the goal of longer extruder running time.

B. Composition of EX-150 spiral ceramic extruder:

Composition of EX-150 spiral ceramic extruder


C. Structure features of single-stage EX-150 ceramic extruder:

1. Length to diameter ratio(L/D) and motor power of the extruder:L/D6.3, motor power22kw. It is specially designed forrunning ceramic raw materials which are generally with the moisture content less than 10% or about;

2. The extruder feeding section is equipped with a counter screw feeding system designed for the characteristics of ceramic mud. Different from extrusion of high polymer materials, ceramic mud is generally mixed with organic cellulose with high proportion as the adhesive. The mud has certain water content and mutual adhesion "agglomeration", with very poor liquidity, resulting in difficult feeding of extruder. Therefore, the extruder feeding system adopts a special inward "double wrist" structure design, as shown in the right figure, to realize the forced feeding function of ceramic mud;

extruder feeding section

3. When ceramic materials are operating inside the extruder barrel, there is a very obvious feature that is completely different from other operating materials. That is, the hard solid phase ceramic materials will generate serious "shear force" when contacting with the barrel inner wall and the screw, and the shear force will generate very high "shear heat". However, there is a certain component of organic cellulose as an adhesive in the ceramic material. Once these organic cellulose decompose after withstanding high shear heat, its function as an adhesive will be greatly reduced or even destroyed.

In order to avoid this "thermal decomposition", in addition to minimizing the "shear heat" in the structural design of the screw, the modular barrel of the ceramic extruder and the core of the screw are both designed with a forced water cooling circulation system. In combination with the circulating constant temperature water input from the external high-power chiller, the ceramic material is forced to cool to the appropriate temperature required for its operation, Realize precise temperature control of the material temperature inside the extruder.

The water circulation system inside all the barrels of the ceramic extruder is designed as shown in the below right figure.

water circulation system inside

The barrel of the double-stage cylinder is made of 304 stainless steel to prevent the corrosion of condensation water, especially in summer. The cylinder liner is lined with segmented, hardened 1.4112 (corresponding to Chinese grade 9Cr18MoV) martensitic stainless steel inner liner to resist the extremely severe friction wear and acid-base corrosion wear of ceramic materials mixed with organic cellulose.

The modular threaded components are connected to the shaft through splines andget the power torque transmitted by theshaft. Inside the inner of the shaft is installed with a stainless steel pipe, and circulating constant temperature water is sprayed out of the steel pipe and flows back along the inner wall of the shaft,take away the shear hot received by the material, as shown in the following figure:

  barrel of the double-stage cylinder

4. Ceramic "mud" in the solid phase with a high shear extremely severe friction on the extruder core components, and the high water content of mud has high acid and alkaline corrosion, so the working conditions of ceramic extruder is extremely harsh. To ensure the high stability and reliability of the EX-150 ceramic extruder during the production process, our company takes advantage of our first brand of extruder core parts research and development advantages in China, not only to use the more cost-effective martensitic stainless steel for threaded components, but also we can provide parts made of powder metallurgy high-temperature isostatic pressing materials to help users extend the service life of the extruder. In addition, the core parts of the barrels and screws are modular design and manufacturing, in order to facilitate user replacement, reduce the maintenance cost of the extruder. Once the extrusion output drops, the product molding is unstable, the user only needs to replace the parts with severe local wear, which can quickly resume production.

The following diagram shows the screw design structure and modular thread element code of EX-150 ceramic extruder:

diagram shows the screw design structure and modular thread element code of EX-150 ceramic extruder    

The above modular screw components are made of special wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant martensitic stainless steel, and the ultimate quenching hardness can reach HRC 62 or above;

5. In order to meet the user's requirements for various products molded by ceramic extruder, including high dimensional accuracy requirements for extruded diaphragm (pipe) products, the control system configured for ceramic extruder needs to realize the strictest feedback and closed-loop control for the pressure fluctuation range of operating materials. In order to achieve this purpose, ceramic extruder adopts PLC programmable logic controller host to precisely control the screw speed by the main motor, that is, to realize the accurate PID setting linkage closed-loop control of the main motors of EX-150 extruder. All these controls can be intuitively operated through the 10-inch touch screen installed on the site.

For this purpose, a high-end American DYNISCO brand pressure/temperature dual sensor is configured in front of the forming template to accurately feed back the pressure and temperature information of the material in front of the head(see right above), so that the closed-loop control system can more accurately and timely strictly monitor the dynamic online status of the material, as shown in the right figure.

150 Spiral Ceramic Extruder

6. In order to ensure the high reliability and stability of the operation of the machine, while pursuing the minimum energy consumption during operation, the main motor of EX-150 extruderis of high-end Shanghai Haoguan brand and the supporting domestic Jiale variable frequency governor, and the accurate and reliable variable frequency speed regulation mode is adopted. In this way, the screw speed can be controlled more strictly so as to achieve accurate control of product size, energy conservation and consumption reduction.

D. Main technical parameters of EX-150 spiral ceramic extruder:

Feeding system

80L volume 304 stainless steel hopper, counter rotating feed screw provide a more positive feed and consistent flow of material

Main Motor and Power

High reliable variable frequency gear motor of China with 22 kw

Screw diameter (mm) and

manufacturing material

¢150,1.4112 martensitic stainless steel, the hardness after quenching is HRC 55~60

Screw ratio (L/D)


Screw Speed (Wax.)


Screw maximum thrust(Max.)


Bearing torque (Max.)


Temperature control way

Constant temperature and soft water circulation inside both barrel and screw

Temperature control range


Temperature control section for barrel

2 Sections

Head pressure measurement and feedback

Equipped with American DYNISCO brand pressure sensor, with measuring range of 5000PSI

Screw center height


Extrusion yield range

150kg~200kg/hr, based on the ceramic raw materials with a powder packing density of approximately 2.5g/cm3, output varies with the ceramic formula (such as silicon carbide、cordierite、porcelain and aluminum oxide, etc.) and also varies with the mold product type

Total installed capacity(kw)


Electricity consumption in

normal production


Exterior dimensions

L2100mm×W760mm×H1100mm(Hopper height not calculated)

Full Weight(kg)



D. Configuration and characteristics of EX-150single-stage spiral ceramic extruder

Power system

Motor/ reducer combina-tion

A high-end & high-torque frequency conversion speed regulating gear motor with 22kw made in China to be used, it has the characteristics of compact design and space saving, with large bearing torque, stable reliability and long service life

Transmission system

Torque distributionbox

Radial bearing of torque distribution system adopts NSK brand, gear is high speed heavy load hard tooth surface, gear shaft material is 20CrNi2MOA with HRC58-62

Extrusion system

Feed device

80L Volume stainless steel hopper, forced feeding system


External circulation constant temperature water control, internal barrel there is a replaceable wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless steel liner


Screw is composed of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant martensitic stainless steel of 1.4112 thread elements, inside the screw shaft there is a soft water circulation temperature control system

Temperature control system

Air-cooled chiller

One air-cooled dual-system chiller is mainly equipped with compressors imported from Europe, America and Japan, Danish Danfoss and American Eco throttle parts, and high efficiency evaporators and condensers. The normal temperature water is cooled to the set temperature through the compression mechanism of the chiller to control the operating temperature of each barrel and screw section of the extruder.

Electronic control system

Touch screen console


Vertical control cabinet

A HMI control system equipped with human-machine interface 10-inch domestic high-end, high-stability and reliable touch screen to be equipped, with a PLC programmable logic controller host, to implement precise control of the system, and realize PID tuning linkage of the main motor, screw speed and head pressure. The control operation function and main configuration of the system are as follows:

1. With the screw speed set on the touch screen as the standard, the PLC programmable logic controller controls the inverter to drive the 22kw main motor to realize the interlocking power control of the motor;

2. The PLC programmable logic controller mentioned above carries on PID control to extruder through analog communication, and carries on data acquisition and processing. For example, the power system of the main engine of the extruder can be accurately controlled according to the back pressure changes fed back by the pressure sensor installed on the head, so as to accurately match the screw speed, so as to control the back pressure and melt flow of the material, achieve closed-loop control, and realize the automatic operation and control purpose of the extruder.

These functions of the PLC control system, compared with the manual control mode of the ordinary extruder only using the instrument display, its automation advantage is incomparable;

3. Display the parameters of themain motor on the touch screen, manually adjust the speed of the screw, as shown in the following example control interface:

Touch screen console Plus Vertical control cabinet 

4. All the control cabinet devices, including contactors, air switches and solid state relays, most adopt high-end brands of Schneider, pressure sensor adopts American Dynisco brand, to pursue the stability and reliability of the control system. The functions of under-pressure protection and early warning, pressure protection and early warning of extruder are designed at the same time. The working temperature of 5℃~35℃set by the control cabinet itself is protected and early warning function is realized.


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