About Us

Shanghai Omega Co. is a dependable source for high quality single screw extruders, twin screw extruders, as well as core components like screws and barrels used in extruders and injection molding machinery. We are a leader in material research for application in extruder screws and barrels. Our high chromium cast iron Ω101A alloy features a comparable working lifetime to that of 043 alloy made by German company W&P. Our high vanadium cast iron Ω102A alloy is similar in performance to W&P’s 99.3 alloy. We apply PM-HIP processing technology to increase the density of the material to greatly minimize casting defects, effectively extending the working lifetime of the components.

With a goal of exploring possibilities and contributing to the development of the industry, Omega established a factory in Anhui province in 2013. This advanced facility is utilized for the production of many different wear and corrosion resistant alloy layers of bimetallic barrels and bimetallic screws. Our other factory in Shanghai is responsible for the research and development of high-end alloy materials. For example, this factory introduced a superhard high vanadium iron material Ω102A oval liner, which is especially suited for side feeding sections of extrusion equipment for high filled or reinforced plastic mixing. Another strength of the Shanghai factory is its focus on manufacturing accuracy which is competitive with European market extruder core parts producers. We are at the forefront of bimetallic barrel and screw development and production, and we are also near the top in oval liner design and manufacturing, which is a component inside the segment barrel. We are the first company in China to produce these products using CNC machining.

On this site we offer more technical information for your reference and discussion. We welcome partners old and new to join us in the exploration of new materials in the development and high precision manufacturing of extrusion core parts. We also reward loyal customers with cost control measures and support services.

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