Shanghai Omega Co. is a leading enterprise in the design and production of abrasion and corrosion resistant screws, barrels, and extruders utilized in processes such as the extruding, blow molding, and injection molding of rubber and plastic products. Our strength lies in our material development capabilities, as we have introduced proprietary alloys used in our products that is comparable to those of famous European manufacturers. For example, our high vanadium cast iron Ω102A alloy is similar in performance to W&P’s 99.3 alloy. These metal components are painstakingly engineered for outstanding performance and long useful lifetimes.


We Can Help Users Designing Reasonable Barrel and  Screw

You see, for a single screw extruder, especially suitable for various polymer materials used in the molding of products, such as for plates, sheets, or blown films; Such as for special waste plastic recycling and granulation barrels and screws, the rationality of the barrel and screw structure is directly related to the key indicators, the plasticizing ability, the output, and the energy consumption of the extruder. Therefore, in our polymer extrusion industry, the rationality of barrel and screw structure is very important to us.

We really can help users design more reasonable barrels and screws.

In order to design a more ideal barrel and screw, we need users to provide the following original information about the extruder as much as possible:

1. What about the plastic material you are going to run? Such as for film blowing, normally the PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, and SPVC to be used, we want to learn actually what kind of raw material to be run? Or only one of above? Or maybe two or more kinds of material together?

2. What about the raw material form? Pellet? Powder? Flake? Show us the material picture please;

3. How much water content inside the raw material?

4. What about the product you are going to make?

5. What about the extruder output you want to get this time? Then what about the extruder main motor power? And what is the maximum screw speed?

7. Please show us original drawings of barrel and screw, or the pictures;

9. If there is no any more drawings of barrel and screw, at least please show us the joint sizes of barrel and screw. For a barrel, one end that contacts to a gearbox, another end that contacts to a die. For a screw that contacts to a gearbox.

Buy Premium Barrel and Screw from Shanghai Omega

Our company is a professional manufacturer of barrel and screw for rubber and plastic machinery. With our professional experience on processing and designing, we can offer stainless steel, nitride, bimetallic, chrome plating and surface spraying technology treatment for unique demands. Particularly, our great capacity single screw and barrel for pipe and film win several customers. We always design and manufacture products based on customer's illustration and existence components. We are also specialized in exporting the accessory components of plastics machinery. We also devote on great quality screw barrel as well as professional rapid service to supply several benefits to our customers.

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If any quality issue after each service, we will solve the problem until the client satisfy.

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