How does single extruder cylinder work?

Sep 09,2016

Add proper water or liquid into raw materials and continue stirring. Extrude the mixed materials by high pressure extrusion head or metal mesh. In general, the material should be put into a cylindrical vessel and extrude it by screw. 

Single extruder cylinder consist of three parts according to the screw diameter, pitch, screw depth. The last thread of spout is called transportation section. Materials can not be plasticized here, but need to warm up and extrude for preparation. The material used to be considered loose body, but it is proved solid body later. The second parts is called compression section. The temperature here should achieve the degree for plasticizing. The compression ratio is 3: 1 and the material will be transported to the third part after completing the process of plasticizing. The third part is the metering section. The plasticizing temperature should be maintained here. It is like metering pump and supply materials to the nose. The temperature can not be lower than the plasticizing temperature, generally slightly higher.

Single-screw Extruder.

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