How to make a Longer Bimetallic Twin Barrel

Jul 14,2016

Q: I was under the impression that the 2C halves are made from the Omega 301 alloy using the PM-HIP technology?
A. No, this 301 alloy layer is only got by a normal bimetallic technology way, like all the bimetallic barrel, this time is bimetallic liner, alloy layer is got by a centrifugal casting way(In detail, please check our file [ Information of Bimetallic Products ] )
The PM-HIP technology is specially used for making a twin segment oval liner(Picture right), that is in order to process high-alloy in powder metallurgy(PM) techniques way into high-density composite materials by hot isostatic pressing(HIP).

How to make a Longer Bimetallic Twin Barrel                   How to make a Longer Bimetallic Twin Barrel

This PM-HIP way now is only used for making a short product, such as the length is 450mm or less, because there is no any so tall and big HIP furnace on the world.

Q. So how thick is the base material part and how thick is the 301 alloy in the 2 C halves??
A. Please check the picture right for a example.

Q. How is the bimetallic liners then placed onto a twin barrel??
A. Please check the pictures below.

How to make a Longer Bimetallic Twin Barrel

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