Influence of unstable extruder cylinder on quality

Oct 17,2016

There are several reasons that affect the speed of extruder cylinder. 

1. The transmission belt may be worn seriously, resulting sipping while working. 

2. The distance between belt rolls is too small so that drive rolls can not operate normal friction work with trapezoidal ramp. 

3. The thrust bearing of extruder cylinder may be damaged. 

4. If the temperature of extruder cylinder is very low, the materials cano not be plasticized uniformly, which resulting in increasing torque of screw of extruder cylinder while rotating so that the speed of extruder cylinder will be unstable. 

Single-screw Extruder

Influence of unstable extruder cylinder on quality:

1. The extruded product may has different geometry shape from desired one. 

2. The extruded product will possibly appear horizontal wrinkles. 

3. The surface of extruded product is rough or easy to crack or appear partial lumps there.

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