Inquiry of Extrusion Barrel from USA Clients

Nov 04,2022

Omega offers customization of extrusion barrels made using different materials. Not only do we recommend the best barrel materials to meet different manufacturing conditions, but we are also excellent at manufacturing bimetal barrels with a higher wear resistance and longer working life. Here are the latest inquiry of extrusion barrel from clients:

1. Hello, I am looking forward to build a plastic extruder. I would like to know what kind of standard tube you had, especially ones with a diameter of 90mm. Cordially 

2. I am interested in a new barrel, I have full info. I am in USA.

Extrusion Barrel

We are a leader in the extrusion barrel research industry, especially in terms of materials. Our outstanding single extruder and twin extruder products will meet your requirements and help improve your working productivity. We assure the customer benefits, we supply best quality and competitive price, also best customer service! 

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