Inquiry of Micro Twin Extruder from Clients

Jul 15,2021

Omega offers high level, customized micro twin extruder made of different materials and construction processes. We also offer other customized services for our customers. Here are the latest inquiry of micro twin extruder from clients:

1. We need to purchase the following: Mini Extruder for Catalysts and & Adsorbents, 10-100 grams capacity. Mixer granulator accessory. Power 220V 60 Hz. Please let me know whether you can supply this item.

2. Dear sir/Madam, I am looking to buy mini twin screw (corotating) shaft and elements. So please inform me in this regard if is available. Mimum L/D is 42 and also screw size less than 16 mm. 

3. I would like to get more information on your micro twin screw extruder for making plastic masterbatch

4. dear sr. I need information about the Micro-twin (micro-conical). Whats the chamber volume, speed, temperatures, and price. regards

5. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a micro twin screw extruder, and I wanted to get a quote to see if my laboratory can purchase this. Thank you!

6. Hi, I am interested in the "micro conical twin screw and barrel". Would you please get in touch with me so I can ask for more information.

7. Hi I am interested in a twin screw extruder micro for masterbatch powders dispersion together really fine powders 800 mesh. I wish hearing from you. Best regards

Micro Twin Extruder

We are a leader in the twin extruder research industry, especially in terms of materials. Our outstanding extruder, twin screw, and twin barrel products will meet your requirements and help improve your working productivity. We assure the customer benefits, we supply best quality and competitive price, also best customer service! Contact us for quotation or support:

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