Quality Comparison Table of Segment Screw & Kneading Disk

Mar 29,2016

Comparison Item

Shanghai Omega

Generic Manufacturer in China


Manufacturing Material for Screw Element & Kneading Disk

Varieties of material can be chosen based on customer's working condition, steel supplier is reliable

Generally made of nitrided steel, mold steel and different kinds of high-speed steel,steel supplier is uneven

Finished Product Hardness

Hardness Controll: HRC58~62

Hardness is not stable because of the quality of materials

Internal spline of a single longer screw element

Spline through full length that element strength is high

there is no spline on the middle of element that strength is low

Size Tolerance  Deviation

Size tolerances of spline ID



Size tolerances of OD



Size tolerances of thread ID



Shape Tolerance Deviation

End surface perpendicular to the axis of



Coaxiality of internal spline with thread OD



Main Machining Equipment

Internal Spline Processing Equipment

Horizontal Broaching Machine

Horizontal Broaching Machine

Screw Thread Processing Equipment

CNC Thread Grinding Machine

General Lathe Restructuring

1) The data above based on supplied report by some OEM companies and end user all over the world specialize in making Co-rotating Twin-screw Extruder

2) More material can be chosen for element manufacturing, such as high-vanadium powder steel WR5 from Finland, the theoretical operation life of which is more than twice times of high speed steel, and other varied of bimetallic steel bar...


Any more higher quality inquiry, welcome to discuss, and it is certain that it could be made according to customer's drawing after analysis.


Chief Engineer Office / Shanghai Omega Machinery Co., Ltd

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