Quote of Single Screw Extruder from Client

May 19,2020

Recently, we got the quote of single screw extruder from client, below is the details:

I am working on a development project which requires a small (lab scale) single screw extruder for a material trials programme. As this is a development project, I am not able to provide precise details of the process, but hopefully the following notes will assist: The extrudate is a technical ceramic (contact surfaces will need to hardened / coated) which is pre-mixed and presents to the extruder in-feed as a viscous "paste". The transfer to the in-feed is air-assisted meaning that the paste can flow directly into the screw cavity. There will be number of "stop / start" conditions during each campaign. The extruded product will be a thin walled hollow tube of small (_6mm diameter). The design and manufacture of the flow plate / die assembly will be our responsibility and is excluded form scope of supply (but of course we would need to establish an interface...). Could you please provide an outline specification and a budget price / delivery for this item? Thanks and Regards

Single Screw Exruder

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