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Top 10 Professional Bimetallic Barrel Manufacturers

Mar 02,2016

Here today we will share top 10 professional bimetallic barrel manufacturers with you:

1. www.bernexgroup.com

Why are bimetallic barrels used today? The today's processing of modern plastics with fillers and fibers requires 

modern machine equipment. In the area of the ...

2. www.wexco.com

Benefits of bimetallic barrel construction. Wexco offers all types of bimetallic barrels for injection molding, extrusion 

and blow molding machinery. Centrifugal ...

3. www.omegabarrelscrew.com

Products. Segment Barrel Oval Liner · Segment Screw Element · Bimetallic Barrel &. ... Copayright © Shanghai Omega 

Machinery Co., Ltd. Add: No. 3, Nanxiang ...

4. www.glycon.com

Glycon Corp. offers a complete line of bimetallic barrels for extruders, injection molding and blow molding. Get Quote 

5. www.nyi.com.tw

Offers a variety of Bimetallic Screw and Barrel and Established in 1993, Nan Yun Industrial Co.,Ltd. specializes in design 

and manufacture of a full series of ...

6. www.canterburyengineering.com

The barrel is a key part of the screw set. We design and manufacture bimetallic and screw barrel over 30 ft long. 

7. www.tan-star.com.tw

... Ltd. manufacturer of bimetallic screw, alloy screw, injection screw, extrusion screw, plastic screw, barrel, cylinder, 

bimetallic barrel, alloy cylinder, bimetallic.

8. www.bimetallicbarrels.com

FLITE TECHNOLOGY INC Premier Wexco Extrusion & Injection Barrels - Flite Technology, Inc. offers Wexco extrusion &

injection barrels at the most competetive ...

9. ntbimetallic.com

Bimetallic “ means that two different alloy metals are bonded together at a high temperature furnace more than 

1100ºC. At this temperature white hot cylinder ...

10. eiloyusa.com

Reiloy Westland Corporation manufactures bimetallic barrels from Reiloy centrifugally cast barrel blanks. Reiloy, a 

division of Reifenhauser Group, has long ...

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