What about the TIC way

In TIC process, based on the different alloy material, the different wire diameter, and the different thickness of alloy layer, all the pre-heat and maintain temperature you mentioned is different. 

1. Does Shanghai Omega have the experience in using Gas Metal Arc Welding ( MIG) with Tubular Wire on Feed screw flight tips ? 

Yes we really have this TIC experience for a long time. We usually use this way to get special alloy layer on top of screw thread. TIC technology way, that is Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. The form of welding stick is tubular wire just like you said. 

About TIC technology Way                About TIC technology Way

2. Does Shanghai Omega have the capability to pre-heat and maintain temperature during welding?

Now we are searching for a new welding way from Belgium, that is ESW way, one kind of Strip Cladding Process, like shows in the picture. 
Normally say, we usually get a favour from our customers who ask us to go forward, to adopt new technology way. We are confident that we will only become increasingly professional, to provide more and more perfect service. 

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