Why choose Omega as your bimetallic barrel manufacturer ?

Nov 14,2016

Why choose Shanghai Omega as your bimetallic barrel manufacturer? There are several reasons you should know. 

1. New advanced machines

Advanced CNC machine, CNC milling machines, boring machines, other machines are equipped. 

 2. Heat treatments

Hardening, tempering, surface nitriding, chrome plating, high-frequency quenching, vacuum hardening, welding bimetallic powder etc. are available. 

3. Quality Control 

With experienced inspectors and advanced testing tools and equipments, our products can meet International standard. As the bimetallic barrels are the important parts for plastic extruders and injection molding machine, they affect the machine performance and quality directly, therefore, Shanghai Omega established quality control system, our every production process is under strict inspection. Those provides solid foundation for our quality bimetallic barrels! 

Shanghai Omega has rich experience of manufacturing varied bimetallic barrels. We can manufacuture all types of bimetallic barrel according to your different requirements. We are keeping improving our production stytem day by day on the delievey, quality control, all the efforts have improved the customers satisfaction! 

Finally, we assure the customer benefits, we supply best quality and competitive price, also best customer service! Contact Us for Bimetallic Barrel & Screw, Extruder Cylinder quotation or support: 

Tel :+86-021-69921527 69921567 


E-mail : alphawu@126.com

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