You know the manufacturing process of bimetallic barrel?

May 19,2017

There are different types barrel and screw that have their significance and importance in various industrial verticals. They come with special features and technical specification. Among different types of barrels, you will find bimetallic barrels the most demanding one that are crafted by metallurgic way and bonding the lining alloy to the inner surface of a pre-machined, seamless steel tube, forging or bar stock. In this way, in the further processing this barrel is spun and cooled centrifugally casting the alloy on the inner surface of the barrel.

There is also another wonderful processing of manufacturing them. A bimetallic barrel is made from two kind of functionality material. Base material is normal steel, but one the working surface inside the barrel bore, there is a special alloy layer with wear resistance or with corrosion resistance feature. Not to mention the alloy layer that is casted by centrifugal casting way. There is also a lot more in this type of barrel that make the process easy and hassle-free.

Among some of the top companies from where you can get the best quality products, name of Omega Barrel Screw comes on the top. The leading China based manufacturer has a team of professionals who have proven track record of bringing you the best quality bimetallic barrel at competitive prices. You will get precise information about the manufacturing process. We use premium quality material; the working surface of barrels is made of a specially alloy layer – that are selected for the reason of corrosion resistance and wear resistance spatiality. 

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