Your Extruder Service Life Solution

Often friends ask us how to improve the life of the extruder? As our Shanghai Omega Company, which has been specialized in the research and development of extruder core components manufacturing material for more than 30 years and has a certain popularity in the Chinese mainland industry, to get solution, an important question we must first understand before answering this question: What kind ofrawmaterial does your extruder run? What kind of product areyou making? And what are the main operating condition inside your extruder?

For example you produce the universal polyethylene of PVC, CPVC, CFE, CFE and CM, chlorinated polypropylene of PPC and PAA, and even PTFE, the corrosive atmosphere will be decomposed out because of these raw material is heated. The main working condition of your extruder may be the corrosive wear, so your solution is the extruder core parts manufacturing material, or the protective layer of the bimetallic barrel and screw needs to choose various alloy with outstanding corrosion resistance.

For example you use DuPont's halogen-containing HPN materials to extrude LED sheet-based products, or to produce various modified masterbatch, such as flame-retardant masterbatch, due to the need to add a large number of halogen flame retardants, such as olfactory polystyrene (BPS), these halogen families produce hydrogen halide containing strong acid corrosion and toxicity at high temperatures. The main operating condition of your extruder are extreme hydrogen halide corrosion, your solution is to choose manufactured alloy that are more targeted and have better acid corrosion resistance.

For example you produce biodegradable plastics, such as PLA, PHA, PBS etc., orproduce thewood-plastic materials, or therecycle plastic granulation, etc., because the raw materials contain a lot of water, the alkaline corrosion and friction-wear by the fiber material become the main working condition of extruder. The solution you need to use alloy materials with outstanding the alkaline corrosion and shear wear resistance to makebarrel and screw.

And more often is you may produce ordinary PE, PP, ABS and other polymermaterials, in which various reinforcements and fillers may be added in a high proportion, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, calcium carbonate, etc., the main working condition of your extruder is the shear wear when the screw push forward and extrusionon raw material, plus matching wear between the barrel and screw. You can basically or slightly the corrosive wear, because these polymer materials do not volatilize corrosive gases under the heated condition, so your solution of barrel and screw manufacturing materials should be iron-based friction and wear resistant alloy.

You may not be familiar with the working condition analysing when the raw material running, so you give us this task. You just need to tell us about the polyme rraw material and the main ingredients inside. Let ustochoose the most cost-effective barrel and screw manufacturing material for your extruder to maximize the service life.

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