EX-150 Spiral Ceramic Extruder For Making Activated Carbon

A. Features EX-150 Spiral Ceramic Extruder

Three years ago, we introduced and optimized the improved German spiral ceramic film extruder technology to meet the urgent needs of Chinese water treatment industry users. In addition to using more cost-effective manufacturing parts, the fully domestic extruder optimizes the replacement structure design of the breakable parts module to facilitate the daily maintenance of the extruder, optimizes the design of the vacuum exhaust structure of the extruder and eliminates the defects of the agglomeration and drying of the materials which affect the product quality.

Our company pursues the extruder design on the basis of high cost-performance and lower energy consumption. At the same time, we insist on the pursuit of high stability and reliability of the extruder operation process, the intuitiveness and convenience of extruder control, the convenience of daily maintenance. For this purpose, we have adopted supporting designs such as energy-saving frequency conversion control of the motor, windows control interface, and modular core components. We give full play to our company's first brand advantage in the service life of the heart parts of extruders in China, the barrel and screw of extruder core parts are made of special 17-4PH stainless steel, which has achieved ideal performance of high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, achieves the goal of longer extruder running time.

B. Composition of EX-150 spiral ceramic extruder:

Composition of EX-150 spiral ceramic extruder


C. Main technical parameters of EX-150 spiral ceramic extruder:

Feeding system

80L volume 304 stainless steel hopper, counter rotating feed screw provide a more positive feed and consistent flow of material

Main Motor and Power

55kw,High reliable variable frequency gear motor of China

Screw diameter (mm) and

manufacturing material

¢152,17-4PH H1150 stainless steel, there is a protect layer of a Colmonoy 56 alloyon the top of segment screw thread to extend screw service life

Screw ratio (L/D)


Screw Speed (Wax.)


Screw maximum thrust(Max.)


Bearing torque (Max.)


Temperature control way

Constant temperature and soft water circulationinside both barrel and screw

Temperature control range


Temperature control section for barrel

4 Sections

Head pressure measurement and feedback

Equipped with American DYNISCO brand pressure sensor, with measuring range of 5000PSI

Screw center height


Extrusion yield range

400kg~650kg/hr, output varies with the ceramic membrane formula (such as alumina, titanium oxide, activated carbon, etc.) and the mold type

Die face granulator

Equipped with a 2.5KW variable frequency speed motor, to meet the requirements of pellets with OD¢3mm and length 4mm-15mm

Total installed capacity(kw)


Electricity consumption in

normal production


Exterior dimensions

L2900mm×W800mm×H1100mm(Hopper height not calculated)

Full Weight(kg)



D. EX -150 spiral ceramic extruder configuration:

Power system

Motor/ reducer combination

A high-end & high-torque frequency conversion speed regulating motor made in China to be used, it has the characteristics of compact design and space saving, with large bearing torque, stable reliability and long service life.

Transmission system

Torque distribution box

Radial bearing of torque distribution system adopts NSK brand, gear is high speed heavy load hard tooth surface, gear shaft material is 20CrNi2MOA with HRC58-62

Extrusion system

Feed device

80L Volume stainless steel hopper, forced feeding system


External circulation constant temperature water control, internal barrel there is a replaceable wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant liner made from17-4PH H1150 stainless steel


Screw is composed of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant bimetallic thread elements, that is there is aprotective layer of a Colmonoy 56 alloy on the top of all the segment screw thread, inside the corethere is a soft water circulation temperature control system.

Temperature control


Air-cooled chiller

Using air-cooled dual-system chillers, which are mainly equipped with European, America, Japanese imported compressors, Danfoss and Eco-saving components, as well as high-efficiency evaporators and condensers, the normal temperature water is cooled through the compressor mechanism of the chiller to the set temperature to force the control of the operating temperature of each barrel and screw section of the extruder.

Die face


Forming die

A pelletizer

A. Molding die made of AISI 5140 material, the surface is plated with hard chrome to increase wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

B. Round stainless steel collecting ring outside the die.

C. High speed alloy steel blade.

D. Independent frequency conversion motor control box to control 2.5KW variable frequency motor speed to get different length pellets.

Electronic control system

Touch screen console


Vertical control cabinet

Adopt a window-style 10-inch domestic high-end, high-stability and reliable touch screen, plus a PLC programmable logic controller host, to implement precise control of the system, and realize PID tuning linkage of the main motor, screw speed and head pressure. The control operation function and main configuration of the system are as follows:

1. With the screw speed set on the touch screen as the standard, the PLC programmable logic controller controls the inverter to drive the 55kw main motor to realize the interlocking power control of the motor;

2. Control cabinet electrical devices, including contactors, air switches and solid-state relays, all adopt Chinese high-end brands, keeping the stability and reliability of the control system. Meanwhile, it has the functions of under-voltage protection and early warning, pressure protection and early warning, and realizes the protection and early warning function of 5℃~35℃working temperature set on the control cabinet itself.


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