Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Screw Extruder

Aug 09,2016

By virtue of its superior performance, single screw extruder has been widely used over the years. It can be used for processing a variety of plastic products, such as blown film, squeeze tubes, plate, roberts belt and also can be used for melting granulation. 

Advantages of single screw extruder. Designed by advanced technology, it has good plasticizing function to ensure stable and high speed extrusion. The entire process is involved with involute gear transmission so it cause low noise and can bear large capacity. 

Disadvantages of single screw extruder. The transmission of materials in single screw extruder is mainly by friction, so that the feeding performance is limited. Powder, paste materials, glass fiber and inorganic filler is more difficult to join which is not suitable for some processes. In addition, single screw extruder has small effect on the surface of exhaust gas area thus the poor exhaust effect. 

Our chief leading member of Shanghai Omega Group Is the first creator in the Bimetallic technology that year interiorly, research and develop various kinds of alloy protective coat for the bimetallic barrel and screw. And also is the development pioneer in special oval liner alloy 101A which can compete with Germany's high life material 043 for the parallel twin screw extruder in China, and the corresponding manufacturing technology way. In China in recent years, the bimetallic technology and this completely localization product has made significant contributions to the development of industry.

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