Advantages of split twin screw extruder cylinder

Aug 26,2016

1. Easy to know the wearing parts of twin screw extruder cylinder. Find problems before the production of extruded product so that operators can repair and replace damaged parts effectively, resulting in unnecessary waste. 

2. Reduce production costs. During the manufacture of masterbatch, the color needs to be replaced frequently. If it is necessary to replace the product, split twin screw extruder cyliner can replace color and be cleaned in a few minutes so that cleaning materials and cost are saved. 

3. Improve labor efficiency. Ordinary twin screw extruder need to remove heating and cooling systems before repairing and then pull out the whole screw. For repair, the split twin screw extruder cylinder can be operated just by loosening a few bolts, turn the worm gear box handle s to lift the upper part of the cylinder to open the entire cylinder, and then repair. This will not only shorten the repair time but also improve labor efficiciency. 

4. High torque and high speed. High speed is high productivity. Split twin screw extruder cylinder's speed can be 500 rev / min so that it has an unique advantage of heat sensitive materials. 

5. Split twin screw extruder cylinder can be used for various applications and suitable for a variety of materials processing.

twin screw extruder cylinder

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