Solutions of extruder cylinder damages

Aug 23,2016

There are three common occasions of extruder cylinder damages, please see the following details.

1. The temperature of motor is too high. 


a. poor bearing lubrication 

b. serious bearing wear-off

solution: check the motor bearings of extruder cylinder, replace if necessary and add lubricant. 

2. The extrusion amount suddenly drop a lot. 


a. There is a problem with feed hopper system or no material in the hopper. 

b. Hard substance may be stuck in screw extrusion system so that the material can not pass.

solution: check the hopper feed system or the material level and clean up extrusion system. 

3. The main current is not stable.


a. One of heater is damaged. 

b. The screw is not adjusted rightly. 

solution: make sure the heater work normally, replace the heater if necessary. Check the screw of extruder cylinder if adjusted all right.

extruder cylinder

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