Advantages of Using Bimetallic Barrel for Construction

Jan 22,2017

A bimetallic barrel is highly used for manufacturing and construction process. It looks like a tube and completely filled with a powered metal at both ends. There are different types of bimetallic barrels available that are used for various purposes such as extrusion, injection molding and blow molding machinery. The benefits of using bimetallic barrel are provided a protective wear surface and also improve the wear life. It is specially designed with perfect energy transfer between the backing material and bore. 

The amazing features of bimetallic barrels are given below:
1. High performance backing
2. Bimetal construction
3. Bimetallic bore inlay
4. Inseparable inlay bond
5. Instant detection of process condition changes
6. Uniformity of barrel zone temperatures
7. Immediate response to heat and cool commands
8. Effective engineered design

bimetallic barrel

When it comes to industrial applications, the whole design of bimetallic barrel can easily assist with the new industrial requirements. This kind of barrel is not only designed for consuming the lower energy, but also offers the best possible output for a long period of time. This will greatly increase the whole performance of applications as well as increase the industrial operation. In these days, the bimetallic barrel is manufactured by the professional team that is user-friendly and standard quality. 

The advantages of using bimetallic barrels are given below:
1. Increase your screw and barrel life
2. Effective energy transfer
3. Optimum performance
4. Increased process control
5. Increased screw and barrel life
6. Strengthen the resistance to fatigue

The bimetallic barrel is a great option for manufacturing and construction process. If you use this, there is no chance of corrosion problem and used for applications to process any corrosive and highly filled plastics.
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