Choose alloy layer for Bimetallic Barrel and Bimetallic Screw

Jun 02,2016

We are afraid when an alloy layer to be chosen, the most important determinant is what about the contact wear ration between these two kinds of metal. General say, the same metal meet together, and even both through the same hardening way, this contact wear ration is worst, for example, nitriding steel 41CrAlMo7 to be used together (Please check our Catalog in detail). 

Alloy NiWC25 is one kind of Ni-base material, to chose an alloy layer inside a bimetallic barrel, we could confirm our alloy Omega 101 is best, it is one kind iron-base material, the contact wear ratio is good between these two kinds of alloy layer. But please pay attention that Omega 101 alloy layer is only used for wear-resistance. 

If want to get corrosion resistance feature, Omega 301 could be chosen, but it is also a Ni-base material, if it is together with alloy AF4-A, same as the NiWC25, the contact wear ration is bad, at that time, Co-base material is recommended, such as Stellite 1 on the surface of a feed screw, for example. 

Welcome any regarding idea to be discussed. 

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