How does plastic extrusion process with screw barrel

Jun 15,2016

Plastic extrusion is not only a complicated process, but also a fine and high volume manufacturing process. It has been widely used to produce many products such as pipes, tubes, sheets, wire, frames. A great advantage of extrusion is that pipes can be made to any length. Due to its flexibility, pipes can be made at long lengths even coiling on a reel. Another advantage is the extrusion of pipes with integrated coupler including rubber seal. 

During the extrusion process, thermoplastic material is heated with extruded screw barrel from its hopper. The screw barrel can be a bimetallic barrel one or some other. In order to get a desirable shape and size of plastic products, raw plastic need to be continuously melted and pushed through barrel towards the die. The die is used to give required shape to the plastic. The die is placed at the end of the machine. Molten plastic is then forced with the openings of die.

bimetallic barrel

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