COEX-80/80 Double-stage Ceramic Extruder For Making MgO Wallboard

A. Introduction of our ceramic extruder

In 2017 our company overcome difficulties, based on German EAC-Elektro company alumina ceramic membrane extruder technology of double-stage vacuum exhaust spiral ceramic ultrafiltration membrane extruder model VAHRS 120B, to meet the needs of domestic users. Not only we use better cost-effective manufacturing materials that our extruder has a very high cost performance with a longer service life, but also we have further developed the technology of ceramic extruder, such as we fully localized extruder optimizes the structural design of the replacement module and facilitates the maintenance of the extruder, and the vacuum chamber structure design is optimized to eliminate the defects such as possible leakage pressure due to deformation. Therefore, the extruderis superior to imported extruder in some performance.

So far, our various ceramic extruders have been accepted by ceramic product manufacturers in more fields. In addition to aluminum oxide flat film (pipe) extrusion, they are also widely used inthesilicon carbide extrusion, the activated carbon extrusion, the molybdenum dioxide MoSi2 molding extrusion, the raw material withcement and silica sand wallboard extrusion andthethermal insulation/decoration integrated wallboard extrusion, etc., these extrudershave been widely praised by users at home and abroad in various industrial fields.

B. Structure diagram of COEX-80/80Double-stage vacuum exhaust spiral ceramic extruder

 Double-stage vacuum exhaust spiral ceramic extruder

The picture above does not include supporting devices, such as the chillers, thecontrol cabinets, and forming die, etc.


C. Main technical parameters of COEX-80/80 Double-stage vacuum exhaust spiral ceramicwall panel extruder:


Upper Stage Extruder

Bottom Stage Extruder

Raw material

Slurry of magnesium oxide(MGO), with wood fiber and some additives.

Feeding system

304 stainless steel hopper,

twin screw forced feeding in

counter-rotating way.

Vacuum twin screw forced

Feeding in counter-rotating way

Main motor and power

High reliability variable

frequency gear motor, 7.5 kw

High reliability variable

frequency gear motor, 11 kw

Screw Diameter (mm) and Manufacturing Material

¢79, martensitic stainless

steel after quenching

¢79, martensitic stainless

steel and some is PM-HIP

ScrewL/D ratio



Screw Speed (rpm)



Screw maximum thrust



Screw bearing torqueunder a maximum speed (Nm)



Vacuum exhaust system

Germany Busch brand, model R5-Single stage oil rotary vacuum

pump. Motor power 0.75kw,final vacuum 0.1hPa (mbar),

maximum speed 1800rpm, maximum vacuum pumpin grate:


Temperature control


10 dual-system chillers with a refrigerating capacity of

25628Kcal/hr, lift 19MH, Compressor power 4.5KW×2, installed

capacity 10.45KW, built-in a water tank.

Barrel and screw

temperature control method

Constant temperature and soft water circulation outside barrel

Constant temperature and soft water circulation outside barrel and inside thescrew core

Barrel and screw

temperature control range



Temperature control

section on barrel

3 Sections

4 Sections

Backpressure on material



Center height (mm)




The different material formula、the different process and the different product, then the different maximum capacity.

For example the raw Al2O3 material with 19.67g/CM3 density, the max. capacity will be round 200kg/hr if to make a ceramic plate W300mm×T5.0mm  

Installed capacity (kw)


Normal production power



Exterior dimensions (mm)

Length 2100 × Width 960 × Height 1600

Full weight (kg)



D. Configuration and characteristics of COEX-80/80Double-stage vacuum exhaust spiral ceramicwall panel extruder:

We make the COEX-80/80 Ceramic wall pannel extruder, the first pursuit of configuration is the stability and reliability when the extruder in process. The second goal is to give full play to the advantages of our first brand of extruder heart parts in China, we use the PM-HIP stainless steel imported from Europe to get a high corrosion resistance and high wear resistance feature, to get a longer service life of extruder. Modular design is used in the designing of core components to facilitate the replacement of easily damaged parts and reduce the maintenance cost of extruder.

According to the above ideas, our COEX-80/80 ceramic extruder configuration as follows:

Power system

Motor/ reducer combination

Two stage extruders equip high-end and high-torque variable-frequency speed regulating motor made in China, It has characteristics of compact, not occupy position,large load torque, stable and reliable, and long service life.


ssion system


tion box

The radial bearing of torque distribution system adopts NSK bearing, gear is high speed heavy load hard tooth surface, gear shaft material 20 CrNi2MOA with HRC 58~62.

Extrusion system


Stainless steel hopper, stainless steel hardened driven screw forced feeding structure in counter-rotating way.

Double-stage barrel

External circulation constant temperature water control temperature, internal replaceable wear-resistant corrosion-resistant stainless steel lining combined barrel.

Double-stage screw

Hardened stainless steel screw elements and some HIP screw elements combine on top-wear position. Inside second stage screw core, a soft water circulation to be designed for strengthening temperature control.

Exhaust system

Vacuum exhaust

A world leading vacuum pump professional manufacturer Germany Busch brand to be equipped, innovative technology of oil-free claw vacuum pump, to ensure a strong, economic, efficient, reliable and mute operating state, with high efficiency, no oil, no contact operation, no maintenance of high-end performance.


ture control system

Accurate tempera-ture control

One air-cooled dual-system chiller is mainly equipped with compressors imported from Europe, America and Japan, Danish Danfoss and American Eco throttle parts, and high efficiency evaporators and condensers. The normal temperature water is cooled to the set temperature through the compression mechanism of the chiller to control the operating temperature of each barrel and screw section of the extruder.

Forming die

For wall panel forming

1. Made of 1.4112 martensitic stainless steel, the hardness is≧HRC 58 after quenching;

2. The width of the forming plate is 200mm, the thickness is one to be choosen between 3~20mm (the thickness can not be adjustable by die)

Electronic control system

A touch

control screen plusa

vertical electric control cabinet

A windows 10 inch high-end, high stability and reliability touch screen

made in China to be equipped, with PLC programmable logic controller

mainframe, accurate control of the system, from the main motor of the

firststage extruder to the vacuum pump, and with the main motor of the

second stage extruder, the PID setting linkage control is realized.

Dual-stage control system operation control function and main

configuration are as follows:

1. For upper stage extruder, based on the screw speed set on the touch

screen, PLC programmable logic controller to control the frequency

converter to drive 11kw main motor, to realize the first-stage extruder

interlocking power control;

2. For bottom stage extruder, based on the screw speed set on the touch

screen,PLC Programmable logic controller to control the frequency

converter to drive 18.5kw main motor to realize interlocking power


3. All the control cabinet devices, including contactors, air switches and

solid state relays, most adopt high-end brands of Schneider, pressure

sensor adopts American Dynisco brand, to pursue the stability and

reliability of the control system. The functions of under-pressure

protection and early warning, pressure protection and early warning of

extruder are designed at the same time. The working temperature of 5℃

~35℃set by the control cabinet itself is protected and early warning

function is realized.

For your reference.