Different kinds of plastic extruder cylinders

Nov 02,2016

With the extensive application and development of plastic extruder cylinder, the types of plastic extruder cylinders are increasing. According to the screw speed, there are ordinary extruder cylinder, high speed and super speed extruder cylinder. According to the screw quantity, there are single screw extruder cylinder, twin screw extruder cylinder and multi-screw extruder cylinder. 

Plastic extruder cylinder is one of the most important equipment of plastic molding. It completes solid delivery, compaction, melting by external power transmission and external heat for extrusion. Since its inception, plastic extruder cylinder has developed into advanced extruder cylinder after nearly 100 years. Although there is a wide range of new screw extruder cylinders, the extrusion mechanism is the same. The traditional screw extruder cylinder complete by the barrel heating, solid materials and barrel, screw friction. Friction coefficient, friction and viscosity are the factors that affect the performance of traditional screw extruder cylinder. So the process of traditional extrusion is not stable, which is hard to control, especially some unstable thermal and high viscosity heat-sensitive plastic.

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