Different Types of Barrels and Screws to Buy Online

Apr 19,2017

In the automotive and various mechanical industries, almost all the achineries  and manufacturing processes require different barrels and screws. When it comes to the barrel and screw used in the various industries, there are so many manufacturing companies available for you to buy online. They are designing  numbers of barrels and screws for different processing needs.

Different Kinds of Barrels:

Single barrel – Many screw and barrel manufacturing companies offer a wide  range of single barrels that will perfectly fit in different plastic machines such as  extruders and injection molding machines. Customized options are also available in some suppliers according to the needs of the buyers for the best performance.

Twin barrels – Whenever you are looking for the optimum quality and the best performing barrels, you can go for the twin barrels. The users will also get the  effective modification options based on the type of the material, diameter, and  length-diameter ratio for the best performance.

Bimetallic Barrel

Different Kinds of Screws:

Single screw – The single screws are usually available in the different  diameters, sizes, and length-diameter ratio in order to give the optimum  performance in the industries. Some of the expert manufacturing companies  are also providing the screws with the tungsten coated and bimetallic lined barrels for giving higher wear protection.

Barrier screws – There are also numbers of maddoc barrier screws available to buy online. They are actually made by the top quality steel materials along with the barrier design. Customized option is also available for this screw type. The  high end steel material used in these screws will ensure the greater efficiency  and maximum working life. 

Twin screws – You can also find various numbers of twin screws with the bimetallic lined and tungsten coated barrels. They will perfectly fit on the various plastic machines like extruders and injection molding machines. The users can  modify these twin screws on the basis of the length diameter ratio, diameter, and also optimum performance.

Single thread screws – These types of single thread screws are usually used  for the special applications in the industries. It  actually helps in the conversion  of the rotary motion into the linear motion especially to prevent this linear  motion without the respective rotation. All the manufacturers are using the top notch steel material and single thread design for the manufacturing process of these screws. 

feeding screw

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