Heavy-duty bimetallic barrel for all kinds of industrial use

Dec 20,2016

OMEGA has been absorbed in the research and development of bimetallic barrel equipment for many years, and they keep it as their tenet that “satisfying the customers with the best service”. The bimetallic barrel by OMEGA is made of steel and the surface is covered by alloy layer for better corrosion resistance and wear resistance characteristics, which is casted by using the centrifugal casting there are many types and designs for choose of different application. 

The design shown below demonstrates overall design of OMEGA’s bimetallic barrel, it is a reference that you can identify how to make full use of it for your business. 

All the barrels designed by OMEGA are in the low energy consume and provide the best output for a long term. Each member of their team follows to all the aspects of the overall performances of the product and guarantees how this product improves the industrial operation. Each part designed and manufactured by OMEGA these days is in high quality and easy to use. 

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