How does a single screw extruder work?

Jan 18,2021

The use of single screw extruders in production processes has progressed significantly over the past several decades. As a result, the number of single screw extruders in use has increased dramatically as has the diameter and length of the machine, especially for melt-fed extruders used in large resin production plants. In addition, resin manufacturers have developed many new resins for final products such as extruded sheet, film, pipe, fibers, coatings, and profiles. The extruder is still the process unit of choice for producing pellets in the production of polymer materials. 

The efficient operation of a single screw extruder requires that all three extruder sections, solids conveying, melting, and metering, must be designed to work efficiently and in coordination to have a trouble-free process. The simple flow calculations for the metering section should be performed at the start of any extruder troubleshooting process.

single extruder
Single screw extruders rely on the difference in friction between the solid polymer pellets and the barrel and screw surfaces to propel the pellets forward. How does a single screw extruder work?

First, Feeding the resins or pellets
A polymer, as powder or pellet, is continuously fed from the hopper into the extruder barrel. 

Second, Melting of the resins
The heated barrel melts the polymer and transports the material through the die. 

Third, Actual extrusion process
The screw channel exerts the force on the polymer by the rotating screw while the stationary barrel gives a breaking force to the rotating polymer and makes the polymer slip slightly on the screw surface. 

Fourth, Cooling it down
After passing through the die, your plastic passes through the cooling zone. 

Fifth, Final finishing procedures
Involves putting the final touches on your plastics. This includes drilling, printing, bending or cutting.

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