How to select barrel and screw for plastic application?

Feb 13,2019

For any type of machine, selecting the right and appropriate barrel and screw is always considered as the difficult part for your plastic application. Furthermore, often have not even realized how often their selection process is wrong or done improperly. It may seem hard to get one by yourself. In this case, having the experts by your side will help you a lot.

Why hire experts?

Rather than doing the operations on your own, it is best to hire the expert and let them carry out the operation. Often times, the manufacturer will focus and concentrates on the performance of the machine and ensure its quality. Moreover, the selection of barrel and screw is important right to make it work more efficiently.

How to select the right barrel and screw?

Manufacturing process of barrel and screw:
* Welding of hard facing alloys
* Thermal Spraying of Hard Facing Alloys
* Surface Treatment of Base Materials
* Plating of Surfaces

In considering the following factors, the right barrel and screw have to be selected in order to make the machine perform fast and efficient:
* size of the machine
* melt temperature
* color mix
* recovery time
* cycle and rotation time
* the potential for screw wear

Being considered as one of the leading manufacturer and the first creator in the bimetallic technology, Omega machinery develops a wide variety of protective coat for the barrel and screw products. When selecting the right barrel and screw, understanding the features and challenges of the machine application is the first thing that the user should do. With over many years of experience and industry expertise, Omega machinery helps and understands the challenges of each plastic application easily. So it is worth when you call for us if you are trying to hire an expert in the plastic applications.

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