Information of Co-base Ω301A Alloy

Since Elwood Haynes from America designed Co-based Carbide Alloy in the beginning of the last century, its high temperature-resistant, corrosive-resistant and cavitation-resistant features of Co-Cr-W-C alloy have become famous all over the world. On the basis of Co-Cr-W-C alloy, our company designed Ω301A alloy. Its base material is the solid solution Co & Cr alloy, and it provides superior mechanical strength and better oxidation and corrosive resistance than similar materials.

Our company adopts PM-HIP technology. We successfully designed and introduced PM-HIP oval liners with Ω301A alloy after trying many times and overcoming many difficulties in this technology. One of our foreign clients has been using these oval liners since February 2008. Compared with our normal Ω301 alloy liner that we supplied them for contrast, the wear resistance and corrosive resistance of Ω301A alloy HIP oval liners is much better under the harsh working conditions of enhanced CPVC corrosion ambience. The client is very satisfied and wanted more batches from us.

The primary structure of Ω301A alloy is a solid solution Co-based material with face-centered cubic crystal structure, it can show superior mechanical strength and hardness even over 800℃. Because of a large quantity of M7C3 carbide dispersed in the main body of Ω301A alloy, this alloy performs with superior wear resistance even in the high temperature environments. Besides, it shows superior bond wear and solid powder abrasion resistance.

Compared with Ω201A alloy, Ω301A alloy contains significant WC, that’s the reason why it shows higher hardness and abrasion resistance. The chemical composition and hardness value are shown below:
C Cr W Co Fe Si Ni HRC
2.5~3.0 30~35 15~20 Balance ≤1.0 ≤1.0 ≤1.0 55-65

Corrosion resistance performance:

Acid 30% Acetic 80% Formic 65% Nitric 50% Phosphoric 5% Sulphuric
Performance good Ordinary Bad Excellent Excellent

We have put this newly-designed Co-based Ω301A alloy PM-HIP oval liner into mass production in October 2008. We welcome customers all over the world to contact us.