Learn more about bimetallic barrel

Apr 22,2016

How is bimetallic barrel manufactured? A bimetallic barrel begin with a steel tube. The tube is filled with a powdered metal and closed at the ends. And then it will be heated in a furnace which is at a high temperature. The powdered metal will be melt by the heat. The metallic melt is evenly distributed by rotation. After being cooled under controlled conditions, it is then ready for further processing. 

bimetallic barrel

After being centrifuged, the bimetallic barrel will be brought to the correct internal dimension. It is then made as specified in the drawings, with the various options such as holes, flanges, threads, key ways, etc. The layer applied by centrifuging is at least 1 mm thick. It can only be seen clearly at the end of a barrel. When the bimetallic barrel passes through a final quality control, it will be given the serial number.

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