Advantages of bimetallic barrel

Apr 15,2016

Some companies provide different kinds of bimetallic barrel for different purposes by advanced technology like bimetal HIP, single alloy barrels which are custom engineered and CPM lined cylinders specifically constructed from a particular metal. Bimetallic barrel is especially crafted to increase the lifetime and to maintain optimal production levels. 

There are many advantages of bimetallic barrel as it helps to improve wear life and increases the process performance incredibly. It gives strength resistance to fatigue. Bimetal development provides a protective layer fused with powerful backing material. This design offers optimum transfer of energy between backing material and bore. It significantly increase the lifetime of screws and barrels. Such kinds of feature permits swift identification of process in case change in temperature conditions. It provides increased process control which simply means you can increase the efficiency of your processes amazingly. 

It is very important to choose a right engineering company in order to get best performance. Shanghai Omega Group Company goal is to keep on exploring and contributing to the development of industry. Our one factory in Anhui province, mainly to manufacture more kinds of wear-resisting and corrosion resistant alloy layer of bimetallic barrel and screw. You are welcome to contact us for more information!

bimetallic barrel

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