Methods to restore worn screw of extruder cylinder

Oct 12,2016

Here are some methods to restore worn screw of extruder cylinder.

If the screw of extruder cylinder become smaller due to wear, the surface should be cleaned smoothly first. And then spray wear-resistant alloy to the worn parts. The sprayed size should be bigger than the original screw. Finally, grind the screw to required size. This restoring methods can be carried out in a professional spray factory, the cost is relatively low. 

If the screw of extruder cylinder is seriously worn or become smaller. It can be restored by welding wear-resistant alloy. General welding can be 2-3mm thick, and then grinding to the required size. This method cost higher, so you must consider carefully. 

Bimetallic Screw

If the size not change a lot, it can be used hard chrome plating method to restore the surface. Hard chrome layer has good wear and corrosion resistance. But if the base is not handled well or chrome layer is thicker, chrome layer will be easy to fall off.

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