Shanghai Omega offer bimetallic barrel with special alloy layer

Oct 08,2016

A bimetallic barrel is made by centrifugal casting way generally, its hypostasis is under a centrifugal force, the alloy with lower melting point to be a liquefaction first, and bonding on the barrel bore surface, both material metallogaphical structure in locking each other closely. 

Our professional team has manufactured the bimetallic barrel and screw with high quality elements. This barrel is known for its two types of functionality material. We used normal steel for manufacturing the base of this barrel. However, the working surface of our barrel is made of a special alloy layer. We have chosen this alloy layer because of good corrosion resistance and wear resistance characteristics. We casted this alloy layer by using the centrifugal casting. Form one end face of a bimetallic barrel, the boundary between the alloy layer and the base material ia very apparent. 

bimetallic barrel

We reveal you the clear image about the overall design of our bimetallic barrel and assist you identify how you can take advantage of this barrel for your industrial applications. You are welcome to contact us by email

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