Quotes of Single Screw Extruder from Pakistan

Nov 07,2019

Recently, we got some quotes of screw extruder from Pakistan and United States clients, below is the details:

1. Country: Pakistan
Quote: Sir, We are interested to buy a single screw extruder for clean & recycled PET flakes with under water palletizer. Please quote a suitable machine having a capacity of 300-350kg/h.

2. Country: United States
Quote: Would like to discuss pricing on this type of machine, (CO-Rotating, 75mm or larger, minimum 9 heat zones)
Single Screw Extruder for Ceramic Membrane

Shanghai Omega Co. is a dependable source for high quality single screw extruders, twin screw extruders, as well as core components like screws and barrels used in extruders and injection molding machinery. We are a leader in material research for application in extruder screws and barrels. Our high chromium cast iron Ω101A alloy features a comparable working lifetime to that of 043 alloy made by German company W&P. Our high vanadium cast iron Ω102A alloy is similar in performance to W&P’s 99.3 alloy. We apply PM-HIP processing technology to increase the density of the material to greatly minimize casting defects, effectively extending the working lifetime of the components.

We assure the customer benefits, we supply best quality and competitive price, also best customer service! Contact us for quotation or support: 
Contact: Williams Wu
Tel.: +86-021-69921527
E-mail: alphawu@126.com

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