Routine Maintenance For Extruder Cylinder

Aug 16,2016

It is important to keep Extruder Cylinder work well. In order to achieve this, we need to care about routine maintenance for Extruder Cylinder. Here, we would like to share some tips with you. 

1. Do not operate the machine before Extruder Cylinder reach a proper temperature. 

2. Make sure the materials in the Extruder Cylinder have been totally melted to avoid damage to transmission parts when the screw backforward. 

3. If you find plastic injection products with black spots under normal temperature, you should check the screw head, plastic apron, plastic meson. If there is wear-off, replace these parts in time.

4. Make plastics uniform as possible during extrusion to reduce the force that screw need to bear so that it can improve the service life of Extruder Cylinder. 

5. Prevent metal fragments and debris falling into the Extruder Cylinder. Add magnetic hopper to prevent iron chips during the processing of recycled materials. 

6. Clean up the Extruder Cylinder before using new plastic.

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