Things to be known while operating extruder cylinder equipment

Aug 18,2016

1. Extruder cylinder equipment should work in right direction, preventing reverse. 

2. Operate extruder cylinder equipment after heating to avoid the occurrence of sticky bar phenomenon. 

3. Avoid other iron substance entering the port of extruder cylinder equipment, which may cause accident and affect production. 

4. Use electricity with safety and build grounding wire.

5. Do not touch the inlet, discharge port, belts rotating parts, gears when extruder cylinder equipment works. 

6. Before operating the extruder cylinder equipment, add lubricants to prevent damage to the machine. The function of the extruder is to make use of heat, pressure and shear method to convert solid plastic into formed product. The product involves mixing masterbatch , resin and other additives. Enough pressure is required so that the viscous polymer can be extruded.

twin screw extruder cylinder

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