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What About the PM Tool Steel Ralloy WR13

Ralloy® WR13 is an extra high chromium alloyed P/M-tool steel. Due to high volume of fine uniformly distributed hard carbides it has an excellent wear resistance with good toughness. The very high chromium content ensures good corrosion resistance in operation environment.


1. Nominal composition                     




















Unnotched izod impact values

    Heat treatment

   Average impact   

    vales Joules





Due to high volume of hard chromium, vanadium and niobium carbides and the uniform fine microstructure the abrasion resistance of WR13 is superior to conventional stainless wear resistant steels and most PM-tool steels. The high chromium level in the matrix results in excellent corrosion resistance.


2. Condition as supplied                   


    Hardness   320HB

  Hardened and tempered  

  Hardness   52-63HRC  


3. Mechanical Properties

Compressive strength

    Heat Treatment

  Hardness  HRC  

 Strenght MPA 

  Aust.1100℃,oil quench  

     Temper 500℃




  Aust.1150℃,oil quench

     Temper 500℃




  Aust.1150℃,oil quench

     Temper 550℃