At what time we have to use the liner technology

When producing bimetallic cylinders, sometimes the liner technology has to be used if the below 5 cases are met:

  • The length of the cylinder is more than the length of the furnace and centrifugal machine. The furnace and centrifugal machine have its own certain length, all of the barrel manufacturers worldwide are subject to this limitation;

  • There is special structure on the inner hole of the cylinder, such as groove structure, etc.;

  • When the wall thickness of the cylinder is more than 60mm, the liner method is applied to ensure the alloy layer gets enough centrifugal force to be molded;

  • If the welding joint is close to the inner hole of cylinder with big flanges, for the sake of reducing the damage on the alloy layer from heat shock of weld, such as cracks and deformation after heating, it is safe and reliable for using liner method;

  • When there is a cylinder with a big opening, a bimetallic liner pushed into the inner hole with transition fit is helpful to reduce the risk of deformation after opening.