Where to get kinds of bimetallic barrels?

Feb 26,2018

The features of bimetallic barrels are superior performance backing, inseparable insert bond, bimetallic bore inlay and bimetallic construction. The cast bimetallic barrels are well produced by metallurgically connecting the lining alloy to the interior surface of pre-machined, forging, bar stock or seamless steel tube. The bonding perfectly achieved through heating the barrel to the exact point and where the alloy point melted. The barrel is also cooled and spun along with centrifugally transmitting the alloy to the interior surface off the barrel. 

We are the leading industry manufacturing bimetallic barrel with the experts. Besides, we offer the customer expected quality and right kind of barrels to meet their needs. We specifically focus on offering quality and competitive price that our linings range from corrosion resistant, premium and abrasion resistant providing diverse measures of wears resistance. We manufacture the huge collection of bimetallic barrels and fetches the manufacturing standard sizes of the barrel blanks to encounter the complete customer needs. Initially, we manufacture the excellent alloys utilized in producing the barrels and they created own material in the laboratory as well test continuously in the complicated operating conditions.

We provide the entire kinds of bimetallic barrels for extrusion, blow molding machinery and injection molding. The centrifugal casting produces excellent wear-resistant alloy and superior strength backing steel. Besides, the cast bimetallic barrel we provide CPM lined cylinders, bimetal HIP and custom engineered individual alloy barrels manufactured from the application with particular metals. We also designed the barrels to expand wear life as well sustain optimum levels of production.

Our bimetal manufacturing delivers the secure wear surface blended to the superior strength of the backing material. The design provides the appropriate energy that transfer between the backing material and bore. The features enables for instant detection of condition changes, cool commands, instant heat response, clear control and uniformity temperature of barrel zone. The engineered ID lining enhances the component compatibility between the barrel wear surfaces and screw, reduce the wear gap as well make durable productive life.

Our experts focus on heating the bimetallic barrels in the gas furnace and removal process centrifugally transmit in the ambient air deliver the chance for residual stress because of localized cooling. This makes straightening issues and heated through the electrical fields include the entire surface and cooled in the controlled conditions.

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