What are bimetallic barrels designed for and benefits?

Feb 06,2018

The barrel is specially designed to improve production levels and wear life. The linings range is available in the different types such as standard abrasion-resistant, premium, corrosion resistant, and other provide the different degree of the wear resistance. In between the wear-resistant alloy liner and strength backing steel, the Centrifugal casting of barrel creates the inseparable bond. In addition, it provides the CPM lined cylinders, custom single alloy barrels, and bimetal HIP are constructed from the application metals. It comes with the maximum process stability and it is manufactured after testing the quality control.

The features of the barrel allows the device to fast response cool or heat commands and precise control. The barrels allow the rapid detection of the process condition changes and uniform of zone temperatures. The barrels cover the wide range of the wear classes and it is better protection from the corrosion and abrasion. The internal structure of the liner is manufactured by different kinds of minerals that are centrifuged and atomized depends on the process. There are a lot of developments come in the plastic production field so they made quality barrel.

Bimetallic Barrel & Screw

The features of the bimetallic barrel are uniquely engineered design, inseparable inlay bond, bimetallic bore inlay and others. The effective performance backing and bi-metal construction of the barrel offer the protective wear surface fused to the quality backing material. There are different types of the bimetallic barrels available that is used for the various purposes such as injection molds, blow molding, extrusion molding and others molding machinery.

There are a lot of the benefits of using bimetallic barrel such as improve the process control, optimum performance, improve barrel life, increased screw, and others. It helps to improve the strength resistance to the fatigue. The unique design of barrel delivers the effective energy transfer between the backing material and bore. The main benefits of bimetallic barrel are corrosion resistance and wear combination. The engineered designed of barrel helps to improve the compatibility of the component between the barrel and screw wear surfaces. The barrel ID lining helps to minimize the wear gap and also improve the productive life.

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