Bimetallic barrel & screw is suitable for several applications

Jan 05,2018

In today’s processing, the modern plastics with fibers and fillers need the latest machine equipment. Through the development of up-to-date resistant systems, this process has taken into several considerations. The bimetallic barrel is usually coated with an alloy that blends with both the wear and corrosion resistance. The low wear resistant system can be resulted in higher process stability. It is fully based on the processed plastics, so you have to choose the perfect wear protection. These barrels are used for extrusion, injection molding and also blow bolding machinery. When it comes to construction process, there are different types of bimetallic barrels available to use.

Primarily, the bimetallic barrel begins with a steel tube. This tube is usually filled with the powered metal and both ends are closed. It is heated in a furnace at high temperature, induction furnace or gas. When the heat melts the powered metal, this metallic melt is evenly distributed by the rotation. The bimetallic barrel is also cooled under the specific controlled conditions, which are ready for upcoming processing. This barrel is also brought to the exact internal dimension. It has specially made in the drawings with the different options such as threads, holes, key ways and flanges and so on. 

Bimetallic barrel & screw

This barrel and screw is perfectly suitable for several applications such as blow film extrusion plant, plastic processing machine and extrusion molding machine and many more. The great features of barrel and screw are 100% laboratory tested maximum length of 5 meter, diameter ranges from 25 mm to 200 mm and also available in different sizes and dimensions. These screws also used in many applications such as rubber extrusion machine, blow film extrusion plants, plastic processing, bake-lite molding and extrusion molding machines. 

During the manufacturing of barrel, it passes via a final quality control and it is given the serial number and ID. Normally, the bimetallic screw has made with the use of innovative technologies as well as excellent design. This barrel and screw is made with the use of top quality bimetallic material and the construction can make it immensely powerful as well as long durable. It always remains the top quality because of its superior material, abrasion and corrosion resistant. But the comprehensive range of designs and models provide a lot of options to choose from that will definitely suit for everyone needs.

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