The barrel used in plastification is bimetallic barrel

Jan 19,2018

The usage of plastic goods is high these days. For many reasons, knowingly or unknowingly people get accustomed with plastic usage. Most of things used in the day to day life are plastic. Many people find it easy to use and attractive in design with different colors. Different products of different shapes are made of plastics. Since the applications keeps increasing, the production of plastic products is also increased. The process taken to produce plastic products is called as plastification. The plastic is used in the moulds to create plastic products in appropriate shapes.

The barrel used in plastification is called bimetallic barrel. It will be much easier to understand if you see the picture of it. This barrel is used in most of plastic production t. It is manufactured in a way such that a steel tube is used which is filled with a metal in a powdered form and closed at both the ends. After this it is heated in high temperature in a furnace. The powdered metal is melted by the heat and it is distributed evenly as it rotates. Then the barrel is cooled so that it can be used for further processing.

Bimetallic Barrel

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