Exploring Cost and Quotation Rule for Barrel and Screw

Apr 11,2018

1. Steel cost is the main basis for quotation of a bimetallic barrel, so the pricing of a bimetallic barrel is based on its Outside Diameter and its Length; 

2. Based on the above principle, if the Inner Diameter of the barrel is the same, the price of an injection machine barrel is higher than that of an extruder barrel, because the wall thickness of the injection machine barrel is larger. 

3. In the pricing basis of bimetallic screw, the consumption of steel is not the main, but mainly based on the structure of a screw. 

4. An extruder screw, generally used for polymer material molding, the different running material, the different design structure, such as there are different shapes of barrier section, different shapes of mixing section, different shapes of separation section and double-wave, etc. 

5. Different screw structure above, its manufacturing process is different, so the manufacturing cost is also different. 

6. So generally speaking, for the same outer diameter screw, the price of extruder screw is higher than that of injection machine screw, because the structure of injection machine screw has no more change.

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