Exploring cost and quotation rule for twin segment barrel

May 14,2018

1. Material selection of a liner is the main basis for quotation of twin extruder segment barrel.

2. The cost rule of liner is that the cost of high vanadium cast iron Ω102A which is 99.3 of W&P company in Germany, is about 40% higher than that of high chromium cast iron Ω101A, but Ω102A wear-resistance life is more twice than that of Ω101A.

3. And the cost of high chromium cast iron Ω101A is about twice higher than the total cost of two bimetallic C-form liners names as Ω101 which finally to be combined as a transverse 8 character liner, because the Ω101 liner are often prone to sharp angle caving and accidental damage. And it can not be used in the condition of higher physical property requirement of polymer materials.

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