Exploring cost and quotation rule for twin segment element

May 14,2018

1. Material selection of twin screw is the main basis for quotation of twin extruder segment element.

2. There usually are three kinds of material for making wear resistant components, one is die steel such as D2, another is high speed steel such as M2, and the other is a powder tool steel, such as WR5.

3. To compare M2 cost with D2 cost, usually the M2 price is round 30% higher than D2. And the working life of M2 is about 80% longer than D2 based on customer”s experience.

4. To compare WR5 cost with M2 cost, the WR5 price is near 4 times higher than M2, due to the WR5 has to be imported from Finland. And the working life of WR5 is about twice longer than M2 based on customer”s experience also.

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