What properties you need for your bimetallic barrel?

Jun 22,2016

To face any condition that you might encounter, you need good quality barrel and screw. They must not get corroded easily or get bend on striking lightly. It should be durable, have strength, and must be corrosion resistant. For screws it is desired that you have perfect barrels. This means a barrel which not only can fit in your screw properly but also is durable, with tight tolerances, and perfect profiling.

There are various kinds of bimetallic barrel which you can choose. It depends on the properties that you need for your bimetallic barrel. These properties include only wear, wear and corrosion resistant, only corrosion resistant. You may also need more properties for further usage.

Our chief leading member of Shanghai Omega Group is the first creator in the bimetallic technology that year interiorly, research and develop various kinds of alloy protective coat for the bimetallic barrel and screw. If you are planning to buy screws and barrels with prefect quality and strength then you must contact our chief engineer office and discuss your needs with us!

bimetallic barrel

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