Inquiry of Twin Extruder from Switzerland

Dec 11,2019

Here are the latest inquiry of twin extruder from Switzerland clients.

1. Country: Switzerland

Inquiry: Dear Sales I would like to replace an existing single screw extruder with a co-rotating Twin screw extruder: 1 Co-rotating twin screw extruder, diam ca 60mm (?), L/D 44, expected extrusion performance with HDPE flakes and LDPE agglomerates (particel size of max. 15mm) of about 300-400 Kg/hour. We Need one side feeder for adding up to 20 % CaCO3 and 1 venting opening and 1 degasing section. Please offer best material quality for screws and barrels! Also, can you also offer gravimetric dosing Systems, vacuum pump and melt pump for this extruder? Best regards

Twin Screw Extruder

2. Country: Canada
Inquiry: Hi I’m looking for a supplier for single screw pumps. I need to pump hydraulic oil. It will only operate occasionally, and at very low RPM (under 20) and very low volume. If possible 500+ psi. With metal screw and metal barrel not rubber. I will buy what ever is available for testing. But in the big picture I need the minimum diameter of the screw to be 1.5 inch or more and the length to be around 2 feet. And something that is available in larger quantities. If you can supply, or build or direct me to who can that would be much appreciated. Thank you

Omega offers high level, customized twin screw and twin barrels made of different materials and construction processes. Our twin screw products currently include a co-rotating twin screw extruder, counter-rotating twin screw conical, and twin screw extruder. We also offer other customized services for our customers.

We are a leader in the extruder research industry, especially in terms of materials. Our outstanding extruder, twin screw, and twin barrel products will meet your requirements and help improve your working productivity. We assure the customer benefits, we supply best quality and competitive price, also best customer service! Contact us for quotation or support:

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