Material and Technology Information Of PM-HIP Oval Liner

Jul 29,2016

The typical material model of our PM-HIP Oval Liner is equal to model 1.2292.2 of W&P company in Germany. The material name is G-X 250CrV25, or GP 27M in W&P company, it named by our company is Omega 101A. The hardness of finished Omega 101A oval liner is HRC58~64. Besides, there are another two kinds of alloy that to be chosen. One is an Omega 201A alloy for corrosion resistance, and another is an Omega 301A for both abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Omega 101A alloy is a Fe-based alloy material with high wear-resistance Si-Cr-B carbide, Mn3C, Cr3C2 and other carbide grains are filled in the Fe-based material and have an effect on resisting abrasion. Omega 201A and Omega 301A alloy is two kinds of Co-base with Cr-W-C alloy that let them have high-temperature-resistant, corrosive-resistant and cavitation- resistant features. Oval Liner is molded under a very high temperature and a very high pressure, that the alloy density could be very greater.

PM-HIP technology way, that is in order to process high-alloy in powder metallurgy (PM) techniques way into high-density composite materials by hot isostatic pressing(HIP). Shanghai Alpha Machinery Co., ltd. is the first one in China to research and develop this PM-HIP technology to manufacture liner with special features which fixes inside segment barrel of twin screw extruder. First they fill the improved alloy powder which meets needs of different customers and with different features into a model cavity, then put it into a HIP furnace inside which there is a high temperature and high pressure, in this condition, the molecule turn into accelerated motion very soon. After cooling down and special machining, oval liner with different features is formed. This technology has filled the domestic technical blank in plastic machine field.


Our material made from PM-HIP technology is subject to W&P company in Germany, do not release the material ingredient to public. You understanding will be very appreciated.

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