New Technique & Process Equipments For Making Oval Liner

Jul 28,2016

Now in China, manufacturing has become the basic motive force of global economic growth, whereas in twin screw extruder manufacturing field, especially to compare the manufacturing level of extruder heart components at present, there is a widespread manufacturing process is also backward, old process equipment. This conflict is increasingly prominent, which seriously hinder the country, and even the world's leading manufacturers of plastic processing industry on the material of modified mixing demand, the demand for high-end extruders with high output & low energy consumption, seriously hindering the rapid development of the industry.

Shanghai Omega is to change the status quo of responsibility, from the material, based on the alloy Omega 101A which is widely praised by customers right now, we are  are continuing to develop new more wear resistance alloy material, to develop the material more dense casting method. And in the manufacturing process, our company are fundamentally changes the original ordinary processing equipment and labor intensive, the archaic history often leads to product quality fluctuation manufacturing method. This change is the premise of money on big and technology continuously grope.

New Technique & Process Equipments For Making Oval Liner                         New Technique & Process Equipments For Making Oval Liner

Our company imported high-end CNC numerical control equipment(right pictures), has been through all the making process of the oval liner. Not only the cutting efficiency is greatly improved, but more importantly on the manufacturing precision of the liner, whether in the dimensional tolerance control, or in the form tolerance control, achieves a higher ideal standard, so that the quality of the products gets basic guarantee.

We are still in the effort, including segment elements to be made with CNC grinding way of manufacturing technique, etc.

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